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Aerial Forest

Bespoke designs that leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones

Major Flowers: 2 Type Garden Rose, Spray Roses, Ranunculus, Carnation, small flowers & leaves

Color Tone:  Different shade or pink 

Size: Approx. 12 inch across

** Compliementary free vase for holding the bouquet

** Fresh flower is seasonal products that the final product may looks slightly different from the pic **


主要花材: 2 種庭園玫瑰, 小玫瑰 , 小牡丹, 康乃馨, 其他襯花和葉等
主要色調:  粉色

Size: 大約 12 寸



    Double Garden Rose Bridal Bouquet 結婚花球

    • Please allow at least 7 days in advance for best quality. For rush / custom orders, you may WhatsApp 9666-9752 to arrange.

      為確保最佳品質,請預留 7 個工作天或以上訂購。 如需度身訂造花球 / 急單, 可直接 whatsapp 9666-9752 安排。

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